Niranjan Dev Bharadwaj

    Alumni LAHS Batch 2009

    Remembering my days at LAHS , I would say that : I had wonderful teachers at LAHS. I would have to say that the time in LAHS was the best time I had in school. I remember Mrs. Alka Sharma Ma’amPrincipal of LAHS , Anjali Chaudary Maam made Chemistry look so simple, Bhave Maam taught Maths in the most profound way and Chaubey Sir always allowed me to play cricket when the majority of my classmates were interested in playing football . Oh, how I love each and every one.
    I have to say a special thank you to Tina Olyai Ma’am for being a motivational pillar behind me always.
    I am sure that if more people in our country could do what LAHS is doing ever since its inception, we would be able to meet all of our challenges and achieve high academic standards for all students, that will help in shaping the future of the vision of NEW INDIA of PM Modi.

    * I have been a highly motivated person, which has helped me to write a book titled “ “Environmental Ethics and India’s Perspective On Environment” (ISBN :978-81-237-8142-6),which is published by National Book Trust of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), Government of India and released at World Book Fair 2018, New Delhi, India. National Book Trust, is the highest authority for publishing academic and scholarly work in India. Every author has a dream of his book release at World Book Fair, as it undoubtedly represents the utmost event in the literary field.
    * Currently, I am writing my second book on the theme of linking Environmental issues with Culture, Religion, Society and Philosophy, an inspirational and informative book which will discuss how important it is to reconstruct the damaged invisible bond between Man and Nature.
    * I am working as an Environmental Chemist at regional laboratory which is affiliated to Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India and have carried out extensive research work and published more than 10 international research papers. Earlier, I gained experience in training school students to become energy ambassadors for NEED Mission ( a Govt. of India initiate ).
    * I am an Online volunteer for United Nations. I am also an International Blogger and I have been writing articles for environmental protection, conservation and creating awareness on environmental issues for Voices of Youth,(an online portal of the UNICEF), Urunji Child Care Trust( Malawi ,Africa) and the Environmental Blog website.
    * I would like to mention that I am also a Public Speaker and some PUBLIC SPEAKING EVENTS are as follows :
    * I spoke at the World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi on 9th January 2018 .
    * I delivered a lecture at Sahitya Akademi, National Academy of Letters,Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, India and I am the youngest speaker till date to deliver a lecture at Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of Culture, Government of India on the topic “Concept of Cleanliness in Ancient Texts”, on 24thApril,2018, which is also directly linked to the Governance issues related to clean and healthy environment for all. Speaking at the biggest and the most prestigious literary stage of India : Sahitya Akademi, National Academy of Letters, Ministry of Culture ,Government of India was indeed a great honor.(program also available on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7obZ0WQQFU )
    * I delivered a distinguished address on Environmental Preservation and Sustainability at India Habitat Center ,Lodhi Road ,New Delhi on 9thJune 2018.
    * I addressed the inauguration of International Conference on Environment and Society and International Summer School Educating for a Sustainable Environment , on 2nd September 2018, organized by University of Tehran and Ministry of Education ,The Islamic Republic of Iran.

    INTERNATIONAL EVENTS where I represented India :

    • Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange Program on Environmental Governance and SDGs, organized by UNDP which happened in Thailand in July,2018.
    • International Conference on Environment and Society and International Summer School Educating for a Sustainable Environment, September organized by University of Tehran and Ministry of Education ,The Islamic Republic of Iran.
    Here, I would also like to quote Rumi :
    “You think of yourself
    as a citizen of the universe.
    You think you belong
    to this world of dust and matter.
    Out of this dust
    you have created a personal image, and have forgotten
    about the essence of your true origin”
    I feel the same about me and my fellow universal brothers and sisters, we need to move ahead of this materialistic notion of the world created by many people and empower ourselves to bring out remedies to the environmental crisis of the world, which I strongly believe could be resolved and therefore, I working to the best of my capacities towards it.
    Being born to a family of academic career pursuers, from childhood my parents taught me the importance of knowledge & means of getting it. My father Dr. Som Dev Bharadwaj ( Organizing Secretary, Vigyan Bharati and Ex- Head of Research Department, Cancer Hospital and Research Institute) and my mother Dr. Archana Bharadwaj ( Retd. Principal ,KRG College ) are both doctorate holders in Chemistry and are associated with academic world .Gradually, I grew to be highly interested in reading, learning and questioning. As both Environmental chemistry subjects and experiments were of great interest to me and problem solving nature of science had fascinated me, I got admission in Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology & Management, I have received my Bachelor’s Degree (in Honors & Distinction).

    Mansi Pradhan

    Alumni LAHS

    It gives me immense pleasure to share with LAHS family that I have been placed as an Analyst in Deutsche Bank Operations International,Pune.

    I’m grateful for all the love,support and guidance I received from the LAHS fraternity that helped me acquire skills on both intellectual and academic level that set my journey.

    I’ll always be thankful for the guidance I received from my teachers,it definitely shaped my thought process and trust me,it plays a crucial part in your life,career or otherwise.
    I wish the Current students all the best and I am proud to be an Angelite.

    Tina Ma’am it is indeed true…when I look back I realize how LAHS has made me something that I wouldn’t ever have been without it… Thank you Ma’am… I’m glad to have u mentor us.

    Soumya Tare

    Alumni LAHS

    It gives me immense pleasure to share this achievement of mine with LAHS family.

    By the grace of God and blessings from all my teachers, I got selected in Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi.
    Indian Institute of Mass communication is the leading and only Indian Institute for journalism. It is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Leading media persons like Ravish Kumar, Sudhir Chaudhary, Neelesh Mishra and many others are the alumni of this institution.
    IIMC conducts entrance exam in two phases. First, an all India entrance test is conducted which is then followed by a group discussion and interview, where they judge your power to critically analyse current issues prevailing around the world.

    This won’t have been possible without the mentoring and guidance of Tina Ma’am. On this day I would like to thank Vandana Bhojwani ma’am and Shekhar sir for developing me as a person as I am today. Without their constant support, I won’t have achieved anything. I owe all success to LAHS teachers who prepared me for future difficulties and challenges.

    Ankita Priyam

    Alumni LAHS Batch 2007

    It gives me immense pleasure to share my victory with my school LAHS who provided me the strength to achieve this.

    I have started my own company – OGEN Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. in 2011 based in Delhi and I am proud to let you know that my company has been awarded as “The Best Web Design Company – India Business Award 2018” held at Taj Bangalore.

    I received the Award from Bollywood Diva- Soha Ali Khan.

    Neha Rohira

    Alumni LAHS of Batch 2011

    I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration from Institute of Management Technology (IMT). Recently, I got placed at Aditya Birla Retail ltd. (ABRL). I will be soon be beginning my career as a Marketer with them.

    Before this I worked with Paytm as part of my Summer Internship Program. Working with Paytm’s Marketplace model was an enriching and learning experience, it gave me a bird’s eye view to Marketing.

    I would like to thank everyone at Little Angels for nurturing me into this individual I am today. My school has taught me to always have the courage in taking up opportunities and then making the most of them. Little did I know that my elocution and debating skills in school will turn into negotiation and convincing skills in the corporate field.

    Thank you Little Angels for everything!

    Payal Narang

    Alumni LAHS

    I am currently pursuing my MBA from IIM Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

    I graduated as a Software Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering in 2015 and was working as a Business Analyst before starting my post-graduate education.

    I have been a part of the LAHS family and credit the school to have laid a solid foundation for most practical scenarios we face in real life.

    Little Angels helped inculcate leadership and teamwork skills in me, and made me realize the importance of responsibility, unity and aspirations throughout my years at school.

    The teachers at LAHS always pushed me to venture into various co-curricular activities while striving for better academic discipline. This has truly been a major contributing factor in all my achievements.

    Needless to say, the strong nostalgic feeling and bond associated with the school and the teachers will stay forever !

    Siddharth Mahendru

    Alumni LAHS

    Currently placed at Morgan Stanley as an Financial Analyst

    They say every mistake you make is an experience in its own.. I hold this as my Motto and thus, so far it has served me well in my journey from an Angelite to a Christite….The values that were inculcated in me during my school days at LAHS have been the bedrock of all my success during my college! The teachers have been instrumental in making me who I am..

    I still remember the scolding by Tina Ma’am when I wasn’t smiling enough during the annual function practices😀

    There have been ups and downs but even if I had a chance to go back in time I won’t change a thing.. Now I’ll be taking a new step and joining Morgan Stanley as a Financial Analyst I hope the blessings of all my teachers are with me! I thank them all for everything they have given me at LAHS.

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