Best Parents,LAHS, 2018-2019

We are deeply honoured and humbled by the recognition LAHS has conferred upon us. This recognition holds a special place in our hearts as it brings a sense of reassurance that we as proud parents of EESHA SINGH and Eesha as a student has lived up to the ideals and values imparted to the generation of students by our prestigious institution. We wish to convey our thanks to the Principal Dr. Mrs. Shabana Rehan and all the teachers of LAHS who have guided and groomed Eesha.
Our special words of gratitude to Tina Ma'am and Sunil Sir for the affection and support given to our daughter Eesha, right from the day she was admitted to Nursery to this date.
Thank you all.

Dr. Mrs. Saudamini Singh & Mr. Rajatabh Singh
Parent of Eesha Singh-XII B

Best Boy,LAHS, 2018-2019

It is a great honor for me to receive the accolade of the Best Boy for 2018-19.
LAHS has always been an exceptional place with ample of opportunities to learn, play, make friends, express yourself and groom your personality in an amicable and competent environment. Some of my most beautiful memories have been created here, which will be cherished forever. The most important lesson that I have learnt during my schooling years at LAHS has been that “the process matters more than the final outcome, if footsteps are set on the right path the destination is bound to come.”
For my success I am greatly obliged to each and everyone who has been a part of this wonderful journey. I take this opportunity to thank respected Principal madam and Director madam for supporting me and having faith in me throughout. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude towards all the teachers of Little Angels who put in the hard yards to correct my minutest mistakes and taught lessons beyond the textbooks.
More than anything else, what LAHS has taught me is, to be a good human being with ethics and virtues that will live with me till doomsday. It has been my privilege to have got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful institute. During past 15 years, LAHS has been an inextricable part of my life and will continue to be so forever.


Best Girl,LAHS, 2018-2019

I am honored to be chosen as the Best Girl 2018-19 from one of the finest schools in the world. I feel privileged to express my gratitude for Little Angels High School
I take this opportunity to thank Principal Madam; Dr. Mrs. Shabana Rehan and the entire teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and guidance, and for making this journey a memorable one. I am also thankful to Mr. Sunil Olyai Sir and Mrs. Tina Olyai Ma’am for reposing their trust in me. Their constant motivation, immense love and valuable support have led to inspire the best in me.
One of the most important thing that this school has taught me is that one should never give up. You have to trust your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. Everyone at LAHS is responsible for helping me discover the most creative version of myself, be it through competitions or just day to day class work. LAHS has always been the most indispensable part of my life and will always be. It has taught me how to always follow my heart and intuition and keep other things secondary. It has given me the chance to explore myself and has instilled confidence in me. My journey at LAHS prepared me to deal with challenges that you will meet in your everyday life, it has made me a better student, a better citizen and above all a better person.
My parents always say, that school period is the golden period in everyone’s life and I realize it now while I bid goodbye to my teachers and friends and am about to enter into a newer world.
This school is a treasure of knowledge for me and I’ve cherished each and every moment I’ve spent here. Though I am going to be physically away, I will always carry in my heart, the love, care, attention, blessings and teachings I’ve got from my school, LAHS.

Rashi Chawla – XII A

Best Parents, LAHS, JUNIOR WING (2018-19)

Although being a parent is a most valuable award in itself.
But getting awarded as 'Best Parents' from an institute which is a pioneer in the field of education is indeed a proud moment for us which fills us with joy and emotions.
LAHS is one such school which not only nurtures its students but also inspires and motivates good parenting which is rare.
We extend once again our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Tina Olyai ma'am, Mrs. Sujata Dwivedi ma'am and all the teachers of LAHS for recognizing our efforts. We owe this award to our son Raghav who has always made us proud not only by his excellence in performance in all fields but also by the values he always displays and that has certainly become possible as he is fortunate enough to be a part of the Angelites family.
We are humbled and honoured!

Mrs. Shweta Middha & Mr. Tarun Middha
Parent of of Raghav Middha -III F

Best Boy, LAHS, JUNIOR WING (2018-19)

We, as parents of 'Daksh Khushiramani' feel proud and fortunate for our son who has received ' Best Boy ' award for the Year 2018-19 '.
We sincerely thank with great obeisance and acknowledge the concern and dedication of LAHS in providing quality education and atmosphere for every child to bloom.
Teachers of LAHS are very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills as well as social interaction with productive play.
We extend our gratitude to the school management & staff for touching the future through the hearts of children.

With Regards
Dr. Prakash Khushiramani & Mrs. Anju Khushiramani
Parents of Daksh Khushiramani - III B– Best Boy, LAHS JW

Best Girl, LAHS, JUNIOR WING (2018-19)

I, Aadya Singh, feel happy and honoured to receive this distinguished award at the best school of the city. Holding this trophy I also stand aware of duties and privileges of this award and setting future goals. I enrolled in this school as an enthusiastic toddler who was happy going to her elder brother’s school. Gradually a sense of work discipline, etiquette & punctuality was inculcated in me by my teachers. A small seed grew into a sapling in Junior School with the help of a team of encouraging teachers specially Mrs. Rashmi Sharma, Mrs. Sonali Handa and chief motivator & positive personality Mrs. Tina Olyai. The value system nourished in the initial years was further strengthened. Interactive learning atmosphere and life at LAHS is enough to ignite knowledge eliminating the need for tuition system. My confidence and all round achievements are a result of co curricular activities in which I participated being at school. Through these activities I became confident learnt importance of team work, tolerance, leadership and cooperation.
I thank Almighty for benevolence in granting me wonderful parents, grandparents, elder brother and this marvelous opportunity to be schooled at Little Angels High School.

Aadya Singh Chauhan, III B– Best Girl, LAHS JW